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The Sudra is the Jewish People’s native headdress, which has played a fundamental and active role in indigenous Israelite culture for thousands of years. 

There are countless records of Sudras used throughout Jewish history. Mentions of the Sudra go back thousands of years and are brought up throughout several ancient sources & scriptures. Almost every illustration of great Israelite sages also include them wearing Sudras wrapped around their heads, such as Rabbi Akiva, Rambam, Rashi, Shimon Bar Yochai, and many more.

The Sudra can be worn by both men & women and is traditionally wrapped around one’s head (similar to other native Middle Eastern head coverings) but can also be worn as hood or used as a scarf.

Most of the Jewish People have lived in diaspora for the over 2,000 years, and due to the persecution they faced and assimilation they endured, the Sudras overtime were minimized into smaller head coverings that could be hidden under hats, making Jews less noticeable in foreign lands.

These head coverings today can be recognized and commonly referred to as “kippas” or “yamakas”.

Jews with North African & Middle Eastern diasporic experiences were often forced to remove the Sudras off of their heads as they were “dhimmis” and could no longer wear them as second class citizens.

Very few families have managed to keep this tradition going and most Jews today have probably never heard of a Sudra.

MySudra’s goal is to revive this native practice which was lost to many Jews during their forced displacement and to make sure that for generations to come the Sudra will once more be a part of Hebrew culture.



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